Acoustical Ceiling Installation

Have you ever wondered why the quality of sound is better in studios and an auditorium than in your property? How do concert halls sound so lively and always booming? How are libraries, in heavy traffic areas, free from noise. An acoustical ceiling is the answer to all your questions.



Acoustical Ceiling Absorption. How Does It Work?

Acoustical ceiling panels control the sound quality of the room by absorbing the sound energy and preventing it from getting reflected. An acoustic ceiling can also be used for soundproofing your room. Absorbers and diffusers are used together, in a space,  to get the acoustic effect. The acoustic property of the surface determines when a sound is transmitted, absorbed, or reflected. When attached directly to the ceiling, acoustic panels provide clear sound and effective noise control.

  • Absorbers absorb the sound energy in the room and decrease the noise level.

  • Diffusers disperse the sounds all across the room. They ensure that the room sounds lively and that there are no echoes.

Acoustic ceilings are unconventional and most commercial general contractors are not skilled at installing them. If the acoustical ceiling installation is not done properly, it may not provide the sound quality that you’re looking for. At Portland Drywall Systems we understand the use of acoustic ceiling, the right acoustic panels available in the market and how to install them efficiently.


Modern boardroom interior
Metal panels on a ceiling with drawn grid

Types of Acoustical Ceiling Installations & Products

Some acoustical ceiling tiles available in the market include silencer tiles, fiberglass tiles, barrier act tiles, DBA ceiling tiles, silk metal tiles, and square line tiles. Moreover, there are various types of acoustical panels available in the market with varying design, material, and size.

Here are a few types of acoustic ceiling tiles to help you understand how the panels work and which one fits your needs:

  • The acoustic plaster system is used on low heightened and curved ceilings. It absorbs sound and leads to a reduction in noise levels.

  • Plasterboard Acoustic panels are used in houses (where the traffic is very loud), libraries, auditoriums, and theatres. These panels ensure that the sound of the room is evenly distributed and that outside noises do not cause a disturbance. The panel has full depth round perforations for the effect.

  • Acoustic metal panels use a combination of metal skin material and absorptive material to give the acoustical effect. These panels are comparatively durable than the plasterboard panels/. Moreover, they look more appealing and classy. These are usually used in gyms, airports and concert halls

  • Micro-Perforated acoustical panels are perforated with 0.5mm micro holes, which cannot be seen from a distance. These micro-holes are present on an already perforated MDF substrate. It is made of wood and is available as wall panels as well. The wooden panels look aesthetically pleasing and expensive.

There are fabric panels, polyester panels, timber panels, plastic panels available to meet your acoustic needs. Acoustic panels are also available with moisture-resistance, for areas with high humidity.

Our team of professionals have worked with various acoustic panels and have installed them for our customers. We can help you find a panel type that is compatible with your sound and aesthetic requirements, location, and budget. Moreover, we install them with efficiency.

Portland Drywall Systems is a general construction company based in the Portland area. We provide metal framing, acoustical ceiling, painting, drywall and finishings, and insulation services to clients from residential and commercial sectors. Our team of professionals is skilled and trained and we complete projects efficiently. We strongly believe in the timely implementation of work and maintain budget and schedule transparency throughout the project.


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