Painting Services

Additional furniture and decor can upgrade the look of your property. However, if the paint on your walls is peeling and stained, they won’t make a difference.

A freshly painted and stain-free property can keep the environment upbeat and the vibe soothing. It looks attractive from the exterior, while a dull-looking space can leave a bad impression on your guests and employees.

Painting your property is an extensive job and can be dangerous for amateurs. To ensure safety and efficiency, it is essential to hire a painting service company, like Portland Drywall Systems.

Professional Painting Services

At Portland Drywall Systems, we are a team of construction workers, trained to complete a variety of construction activities, including metal framing, insulation, and painting services. Our team is qualified, skilled and trained to complete extensive commercial general contractor projects quickly. We offer consultation for the best painting products and brands for your property. We are familiar with the Portland area and offer solutions that are suitable for the weather conditions. We can also find the best products within your budget from local vendors.

The products we offer include water repellent paints, oil-based paints, all-weather paints, stain-resistant paints and water-based paints amongst others. If you’re getting your space’s exterior painted, than a 100% acrylic latex is a suitable product because it contains color pigments, binders to hold the paint on the wall and solvents to increase its spread ability. Our experience enables us to choose paint with the right amount of pigment, binder, and solvent for your needs.

Over the years, wall painting has evolved as a business. Today, there are various designs, patterns, and textures available in wall painting. These textures and designs are intricate and require skilled hands so that they look neat and beautiful. Our team have the skills required to paint the most trendy and intricate designs with ease. We can carry out brushing, rolling, and paint spraying with such perfection that your walls will look like art.



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Painting Services – The Flow of Your Project

The color and shine of your walls reflect a lot about the buildings personality and lifestyle. The paint on your walls can make an impact on the mood and productivity. We understand colors and know how to protect your walls from fading, chalking, and blistering of paint. From preparing to your walls by sanding and degreasing them so that the paint lasts longer to applying multiple coats of paint and covering hidden areas, our experts conduct everything from concept to completion in a satisfactory manner.


  1. Our experts provide an estimate of our services after a site visit.
  2. We inform you about available painting options, products, and brands in the market.
  3. We prepare your walls by de-greasing and sanding them so that they are leveled and will retain the paint longer. Moreover, we fill up the holes and cracks in your walls with putty or caulk to even out the surface and remove loose paint.
  4. If you are changing the wall color then we use a primer to coat the wall.
  5. We complete multiple coatings of paint over the walls till they shine. Usually, a paint job requires only two coats of paint. However, if the previous coat of paint was darker, then you may even require six coats of paint. We adjust the number of layers so that they are compatible with your home.
  6. We ensure that the entire process is completed in a hassle-free, quick, and clean manner, for your convenience.

Portland Drywall Systems is a company based in the Portland area. We serve clients from both the residential and commercial sectors. We always use high-quality painting materials that last longer. Plus, strive to achieve your vision in the most reliable and efficient way possible.


To Learn More about the painting services we offer, contact us at Portland Drywall Systems today.