Drywall & Finishing Services

Walls are used to separate your property into multiple rooms and floors. From architectural design, insulation, room decor, and eliminating sound from traveling from one room to another, a wall has plenty of utility. Drywall is commonly known as plasterboard, wallboard, and buster board by people, and is the most commonly used material for building walls.

In 2017, 25 billion sheets of drywall were sold in the US. A drywall is manufactured by mixing calcined gypsum with water and sometimes additives. This material is squeezed and covered with layers of paper and dried to give it solidness. One side of the drywall is smooth, while the other side has a rough texture. The smooth side is placed facing you when constructing a wall.

Drywall and Finishing Installation

Wrongly executed drywall and finishing can make the surface look uneven and disjointed. Experience and patience is the key to efficiently conducting drywall finishing. At Portland Drywall Systems, our team has the skills and finesse required to implement installation of drywall and finishing. We know how to attach drywall and use reliable anchors for the task.

Drywall is available in various sizes. From 4 foot wide panels with a length of 8 feet to 16 feet. The thickness may range from 1/4 inch to 5/8 inch. Moreover, there are different types of drywalls available including moisture-resistant drywall, fire-rated drywall, and flexible drywall.

It is essential to choose the right thickness and size of the drywall for installation. When making drywall installations, we measure the drywall length and width that will be suitable for your property and can cut the drywall to fit perfectly. Plus, we keep your budget in mind when making a selection.


drywall and finishing

Drywall and Finishing

Drywalls have a rough texture and need to be smoothened before they are painted. Finishing drywall refers to smoothing out joints in drywall panels and the surface.

Our Drywall and finishing procedures:

  1. Drywall is fixed with anchors and screws. It is essential to seal them to ensure that the wall is smooth. We make sure that all screws are screwed-in properly and covered. If there is paper coming out, then we remove it with the help of a razor.
  2. After the seams are sealed, paper or fiberglass tape is applied over the joints between the drywall.
  3. A joint compound, sometimes referred to as mud is used for finishing. Drywall knife is used to fill gaps and cover all screws and anchors on the wall. We make sure that all the holes and gaps are covered to your satisfaction.
  4. Sanding is carried out to even out the drywall surface. We conduct dusting to remove all the remaining drywall material. After this, we apply a skim coat.
  5. A primer is used on the drywall before it is coated with paint. Drywall tends to absorb primer. Our experts carry out multiple coating to finish the drywall.

Painting can be carried out now as the day walls have been smoothened. Finishes stop at the mud coat, in case you plan to cover the drywall with tile. At Portland Drywall Systems, we have a customer-oriented approach and suggest the best methods and products for your needs.


Whether you are undergoing new construction or fixing old drywall, it is essential to consult with drywall and finishing experts for the best results. At Portland Drywall Systems, we understand when a wall needs fixing and when it is damaged beyond repair. Moreover, we offer excellent drywall finishing. We are based in the Portland area and provide construction services to clients from residential and commercial sectors.


To Learn More about our drywall and finishing services you can reach out to our experts with queries at Portland Drywall Systems.