Metal Framing Services

For a building/structure to be durable and for it to stand strong in the face of weather changes and the elements, it is essential that it is formed with the right material. Metal framing is considered a solid method for building structures and has been in use since the 1950s.

Metal framing is used to form a skeleton frame or structure of a building that has to be constructed. It is a durable and cost-effective option for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise building projects. Metal is a great substitute for wood. It does not rot, it does not warp, when it comes in contact with wood, and does not wear with the weather change. Hence, the structure stands stronger than a wooden structure and is more reliable. The development of metal framing, as a business technique, has made skyscrapers possible.

Metal Framing & Structural Components

This method of framing consists of horizontal I-beams and vertical steel columns, constructed to support the floor, ceiling, and walls of the building. The available shapes and sizes ensure that the most complicated structures can also be built through metal framing. U studs and C studs are used to connect the columns and beams and build the structure. Metal structures and materials are pre-manufactured and brought to use for construction.

The installer will measure the size of the studs and the number of studs required for the frame. At Portland Drywall Systems, our team of professionals has the experience required to correctly estimate the right size of studs required to conduct the structural construction. We have handled many products with intricate designs and have plenty of happy customers. Moreover, we have the equipment required to conduct the task reliably and within the specified period.


commercial building with metal framing
metal framing services

Advantages of Metal Framing

  • The columns are thick and can withstand compressive stress.
  • It does not shrink or split. It does not rot and is not susceptible to mold damage.
  • Metal framing forms the basic design of a building. The position of doors, the size of rooms and windows can be decided when constructing the metal frame.
  • The commercial structure is a more durable, sustainable, and an affordable technique for a strong building structure.
  • Metal structures are more versatile in design and can be used to make your intricate building design dreams a reality.
  • Metal structures are environment-friendly.
  • It’s a faster construction process than wooden structures.


Steel walls can be used to provide excellent acoustic and thermal properties. Moreover, the metal beams can be encased in plasterboard, concrete or a fire-resistant ceiling, to make the entire building fire-resistant and avoid collapse. Our team can help you benefit from your metal structure by providing tips to construct the entire building. We are familiar with both the advantages and disadvantages of metal framing and can help you make an informed choice. We can help you nullify the disadvantages through various methods. For example, keeping the structure a little above the ground level can help prevent moisture from reaching it.


If you’re looking for a construction company in the Portland area, reach out to Portland Drywall SystemsWe have been offering excellent solutions, in the construction industry since 2016. We provide metal framing, insulation, drywall & finish, acoustical ceilings, and painting services to our customers. We pride ourselves on the skill of our professionals.

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