Portland Drywall Systems Mission 

With dedication, leadership and integrity, Portland Drywall Systems Enterprises strives to perform the highest quality of construction on every project. Our goal is to build long-standing relationships while exceeding the vision of the client’s project.

Who We Are

Owner, Abe Chavez, started in construction around 2012. He was hired at a paint dealer, Dick’s Color Center, in SE Portland. Abe got familiar with delivering paint and reporting/collecting sales. Abe was hungry for work and wanted to stay active, so he got a graveyard shift working at 7-Eleven. He kept meeting general construction company owners, of well-known organizations, in the Portland OR area.

Abe never had the desire to be in construction until one day he got offered a job as a translator for a drywall contractor. After the completion of a new home build and two suites in Eugene OR, Abe was in love and knew he found his career of choice.

After walking the process of how a structure is built from placing drywall, using the art of taping joints, making the walls super smooth (or textured just right) and seeing the final results; this is what made Abe decide to open up his company. He knows most owners focus on money while his philosophy is to focus on our community.

Abe says, “What are we doing to make it better? We are giving it our all to success to make others succeed.”

We Love What We Do